Transferring your money

Transferring your money

Cambridge Global PaymentsExchange rates fluctuate constantly, so whether you are buying your dream home in the sun or repatriating your funds back to your home country, a currency exchange company will give you a better rate of exchange then any high street bank and will also help you avoid significant bank transfer fees of approximately 1% when sending funds home, saving you money.

As part of our continued support to help our clients past and present, Sol Simple Properties have partnered with the world’s largest privately owned foreign exchange specialist – Cambridge Global Payments.

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How can Cambridge Global Payments help you? 

Cambridge gives you access to competitive rates of exchange partnered with excellent personal service.

To help you achieve the best rates, they offer you a flexible online or offline experience; they can meet you face-to-face or speak with you.

If you would rather speak to someone to place a transaction, then you are able to either call one of their offices, pop into your local branch, or arrange for one of their representatives to come and see you in the comfort of your own home.

Your dedicated account manager will explain the simple registration process and help you whenever needed.

Cambridge can ensure that it does not cost you a single cent to return your funds back to the UK and gives you access to competitive rates of exchange partnered with excellent personal service.


About Cambridge

Cambridge Global Payments provide a variety of currency transactions that help you transfer funds as you need them, whether they are one-off or ongoing transactions, and to virtually anywhere in the world. Your account manager can help you understand the differences, and can help you customize any one of these solutions to your personal requirements.

Since its foundation in 1992, Cambridge have built a world class trading operation that is renowned for their innovative solutions and the exemplary service of staff. By providing an extensive selection of products and services that are tailored to our clients’ specific requirements, they consistently exceed expectations ensuring your goals are met, securely and in a timely manner. With 29 offices worldwide and over 400 employees, they can support your cross-border payment needs wherever you choose to go.

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