Be Prepared to Sell

Be Prepared to Sell

Be objective

It is important to be objective about your properties weak points. Everybody likes to be complemented on their properties but do not receive criticism quite so well. As long as you receive constructive criticism, take it on board as it may improve the ultimate sales price achieved and increase the time scale of the sale of your property appears more to the mass market.

Walk around your property and point out the negative features and think of ways you could improve them.

A potential buyer will always be disappointed if they walk into a house that is not in good condition and this will affect any offer that is forth coming. They will already be thinking about costs, time and effort in putting the property right.

As a trusted advisor we will provide an impartial assessment of your property.

Motivation to sell

A vendor that is in no hurry is generally tempted to set a higher price for their property. However, if a property is on the market for too long it runs the risk of going stale which can result in a potential buyer giving a lower offer which is the exact opposite of the original goal.

In our experience if a vendor tends to ignore prevailing market conditions and comparable property prices and goes with a higher price set by their own criteria, then they must be prepared for a lot less interest from both agents and clients, resulting in fewer showings of the property and a sometimes frustrating waiting game.

In this scenario it is advisable for a vendor to wait before putting the property on the market if there is an indication that prices will go up.

Prepare any documents

Prepare documents required to market and sell your property in advance. You don’t want to be responsible for causing an avoidable delay which could affect either the negotiation or administration of the sale.

Decree 218/2005

Decree 21/2005 is a law passed by the Andalucian government in 2006 aimed at improving the rights of those consumers buying property or renting long-term, and providing more tightly controlled codes of practice for property professionals operating in Andalucia. It is now being strictly enforced by the authorities throughout the region. Under Decree 21/2005 a vendor MUST supply the following documents to their real estate agent in order to market their property for sale:

1. Receipt of IBI payment
2. Receipt of Basura payment
3. Community Fees statement
4. Copy of recent Electricity and/or water bills
5. Nota Simple and/or copy of the Escritura (Title Deed)
6. Energy Efficiency Certificate
7. Signed Agency Sales Agreement
8. First occupation Licence

Don't worry, we can advise you on how to obtain all the appropriate documents.


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