Preparing your Property

Preparing your Property


Only really consider renovation or making serious changes if you think they will appeal to the mass market. If you think that your changes may not be to everyone’s taste, and may reduce your potential client base then give it very careful consideration before going ahead. For example, if your house needs a new kitchen and you are afraid that a buyer may not like it, then, do not buy one. However, you must then take into consideration the money and time the new owner will have to spend on a new kitchen.

Smaller details can make a big difference

Most people like light and well-lit houses. Ensure that light fittings are new and bright, especially in bathrooms, spot lights can work wonders. Replace old taps for new ones. For a little time and small expense a real transition can occur.

Redecoration and Repairs

Eliminate any small "objection factors" that can affect the negotiation from buyers, by spending some time and money upgrading or simply freshening up the property and removing immediate thoughts or work that would need to be carried out by the buyer. Do not hide defects or faults. Try to repair them.

For Sale

A For Sale sign will always result in enquiries. Ensure that phone numbers or highly visible.

Facilitate viewings

Facilitate viewings on as short a notice as possible. It is a fact that agents tend to show properties they hold keys for, properties that require appointments will generally be shown less.

Natural Light and clement temperature

When viewing, ensure that the property has as much natural light as possible entering the property, ensure that curtains and shutters are open in order to maximize natural light and even consider leaving the lights on especially in a darker corners. What´s the temperature like, is it too hot? If so put the air con in sufficient time before viewing and conversely if it´s cold demonstrate how the property can be warmed up and maintained.

Cleanliness and odours

This may seem obvious but a clean house is a desirable house, and many buyers are put off if the property is grubby or untidy. There is nothing more off putting then unwelcome odours or unclean surfaces, floors and windows. Open windows, display flowers as they are all good ideas for creating a fresh and desirable environment.

Fixtures and Furnishings

If the property is to be sold full or partly furnished then remove any question marks and show complete transparency by making an inventory right at the beginning and give it to your agent. This shows complete transparency to potential buyers and helps to build trust.


Make sure you have spoken clearly with your lawyer, accountant and agent to ensure you are fully aware of all costs and tax implications before committing to marketing your property.


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